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Who Am I?

My name is Charlene Stackle I’m a professional organizer.  I started organizing professionally in 2012, but I have always loved living in an organized home.  I never really felt like I had a home growing up due to moving around almost every 2 years of my life. But if I really reflect on it each house that I’ve lived in has been a part of me.  I’ve always measured my life experiences in terms of houses. For example the house in Baker City was when I took care of the neighborhood kids on 3rd street.  Making up games and making sure everyone was having fun safely.  There I earned my big sister stripes when making sure the local bully didn’t hurt my little sister.

Because, I moved around so much I realized the importance of home and finding place in the world. I began to organize our living environment in our houses for a sense of permanence and also to get ready for the next move by purging any excess.  There was always the vague feeling that in the next two years we would be finding a new house.

One of those moves was to a house in Caldwell. If you were to ask my Mother, Father, Sister, or I what our favorite house was we would say this house. When we moved in there was a lot of remodeling to be done. No big deal as my parents remodeled all of our houses. All except one.  This one was unique. The kitchen was all black with mirror tiles on the ceiling. We all loved the house. I didn’t like that my Father was gone. He traveled most of the week. In response, I became rebellious and uncontrollable.  I was looking for attention from my Dad. What I learned here at this house is that nothing can be perfect, even in a perfect house.  Perfect meaning static.  There is always an ebb and flow to things.

My Ah-Ha moment came in the 11th grade in the house on Alice St. I ended up being on the honor role. This was a major accomplishment for me as I had always been a C student.  The light bulb went on when I realized that I had a routine, a schedule for my homework.  I had never really enjoyed the moment of success as I did when I realized a process/work flow that worked exactly for me.


Now as a professional organizer, I am able to help others make a home that they can live comfortably in and create processes that help them be more successful in all of their goals.  With the lessons I have learned and the skills I have acquired I recognize the following: That everything needs a home, perfect is always imperfect, and we all need a system or process to be successful.

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