Kitchen Organizing

Organizing under the sink after

 After: Under The Sink Organizing

In order to start using a more “green” way to clean up the kitchen, I’m implementing a reusable “paper” towel.  I find that we use paper towels to clean up water and other non-toxic spills then throw away the paper towel. With my composting efforts, though, I have been putting some of these in the composter.  But there are some spills that can’t go in the pile.  So I bit the bullet and cleaned up the mess under my sink.

Organizing under the sink before


Before: Under The Sink Organizing

This was the mess before. I just kind of threw things in here.

How I attacked this organizing mess:

  • Took everything out. Cleaned all the spills and one dead fly out.

  • Threw away old product/things I don’t use.

This was an easy first cull of things I knew I wouldn’t use.

  • Sorted what I use the most.

    • For the Kitchen:
      • Sal-Suds: My dish washing liquid of choice.
      • Quick ‘n Brite: My general cleaner of choice.
      • Castille Soap: My hand soap of choice.
      • Dishwasher soap
      • Sponges
      • Brushes
      • Eraser Sponges
      • Sink strainer
      • Heavy-Duty Hand Soap
      • Small Dust Pan and broom
    • For the Bathroom
      • Tilex: I don’t really use but not willing to part with it.
    • For the rest of the House:
      • Bac-Out: Forgot I even had this.
      • Wood cleaners and Wood oil
      • Carpet stain removers
      • Air fresheners
      • Cat hair sponge
      • Windex:  I also use in the cars.
  • Threw away more stuff that I never used.

A second culling of things a little harder to part with.

  • Labeled My Spray Bottles of Quick ‘n Brite.

Couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this before.

  • Put Things Back in The Space.

    • Put my labeled bucket for towels in place first.
    • I made some space decisions:
      • What location is the closest for where I use the product? I put them closest to where I use them.
      • What items do I use the most? I put these in reach.
      • What item do I use the least? I put these in the back.
      • What is the easiest way to get to my brushes? I found I was always leaving in them sink or throwing them on top of the mess.
    • Put my wire basket back and put everything in their “home”.
    • Washed my rest of the house cleaners bucket and put all those items in.
    • Hung cup hooks for the brushes and dust pan.
  • Took Pictures and Celebrated!

There is one small question mark. I’ve fixed it for now but I’m not sure how practical it is. The “Brush Bounce”. When the cabinet door is opened the bottle brush swings out to the side of the cabinet.

Here is my fix:

Organizing Brush Bounce Fix

A rubberband between two nails.

If anyone else has a better fix let me know. It was getting late and my ideas had run short.

This is just my first stop in the whole kitchen organizing project. This has got my mind working on other organizing solutions for the kitchen.

Hope this has helped! I sure has helped me!

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